The most requested thing for dinner around here? Noodles. With butter.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Since January 29

What's that?  A tickle in my throat?  Some congestion coming on?  Sneezing?  Coughing?  Sniffling?  Aching?

Airborne to the rescue!  Airborne and fluids.  Airborne and fluids and DayQuil.  Airborne and fluids and DayQuil and NyQuil.  Airborne and fluids and DayQuil and NyQuil and Ricola.

Whew.  Relief.  That only took 6 days.  Awesome.

But 12 hours later...
Burning throat, burning ears, congested ears, coughing, sneezing, hacking, congested nose, aching, congested lungs, cold sores and so so tired.
MORE Airborne!  More DayQuil, NyQuil, DayQuil Severe Cold Formula, NyQuil Severe Cold Formula, ClearQuil, ZQuil, fluids, Halls, Ricola, Tylenol Cold Formula, Tylenol Nighttime Cold Formula, vaporizer at night, Simply Saline, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc, Delsym, Kleenex, Puffs with lotion, Benedryl, Mucinex, Mucinex D, Mucinex DM, Mucinex Sinus Max, probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics, (bionic biotics?), warm olive oil in my ear, vinegar in my ear, clove of garlic in my ear, (how about salad dressing in my ear?),  chicken soup from a can, chicken soup from mom, hot tea, cold tea, hot tea with honey, anything with honey, decongestants, antihistamines, dextromethorphan hydrobromide, and Sudafed- the real kind that requires photo ID, your address, a promise that you don't have high blood pressure, and interrogation by the FBI in a small room lit by a single light bulb. (Don't worry, it's an LED bulb.)

A visit to urgent care.

That will be $35.  THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS?  This is a co-pay, I'm not planning on buying the clinic.  I thought the co-pay was $15.  Sorry, things have gone up and this is the weekend rate.

(Great.  I better get some relief out of this.  And if I don't, I want that doctor's otoscope as compensation.  It's not like I can get here on a weekday.  I have a job.  I have to work so the government can take my money and give lower co-pays to the people who don't work.)

So, what seems to be the problem?  I've had a cold for 4 weeks and my ear is plugged.  I have tried everything to unplug it, short of sticking the vacuum hose on it but the internet said not to do that...
Hmm, yeah, good idea not to do that.  May I just take a look in your ear? (Say- that is a nice otoscope.  I would have fun with that.  Except, you can't look in your own ear with an otoscope.)  Hmm... There's no wax (of course, I have very clean ears), looks like the fluid is built up behind the tympanic membrane (that's eardrum for the non-doctors out there and no wonder the whooshing sound of the fluid is so loud.) Do you feel dizzy? No. (Should I?)
I think it is viral, but I'll give you an antibiotic just in case.  Also a prescription for some Chlor Trimeton and I recommend a Neti Pot. (Neti Pot?  EWWWWWWWW)

Once more from the top, with feeling and e$$ential oil$. ($cam?)
It's been two weeks since I saw the doctor.  Not much has changed.  I feel less tired, but my left ear is still plugged and I can't seem to get it unplugged.  I've even put on my earbuds with some great rock 'n roll to vibrate the fluid out of my ear, to no avail.

I'm not telling you this for sympathy or so you can send me your favorite home remedies, just to let you know why I haven't posted much lately.  It's hard to think of what to post when there is so much snot in one's head.

Yes, I should find time to see an ENT.  I will.  Spring Break is coming up and I will. And if I cough up a lung before that, I'll be sure to donate it to science.

P.S. My blood pressure and oxygen levels are quite good, thanks for asking.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

I really scored big this year.  Not that I teach in order to gain gifts at various seasons, it's just a nice little bonus that I'm willing to share with you now...
(Please keep in mind that in middle school it is rare that students give teachers gifts- especially in public school.)

This was my first Valentine:

Isn't it cute?  This took time and effort and I think it is just adorable. I love the eyes! The student even wrote me a personal note on the back of the pudding cup head.  The giver of this gift was the lovely young lady who informed me the first week of school that I had taught her mom some 23 years ago.

After that I received:
*two small dove chocolate squares from two separate students (no cards attached),
*a store-bought card from one of those boxes of 36 that you buy for a whole class in elementary school that had Elsa, Anna and Olaf hoping I have a magical Valentine's Day (at least it was signed),
*a handwritten sentiment that had been photocopied onto 8 1/2 x 11 paper and opened on the left instead of the right from a student that has math from the teacher next door- not me,
*and a small, red envelope with To: Mrs. Wakeman  on it with my last name scribbled hastily underneath and a generic hand-stamped Happy Valentine's Day card inside with no signature or personalization on it.

I can only imagine what Mrs. Wakeman got.

So that's it!  Can you feel the love?

Monday, February 2, 2015


Let's get this straight.  The Patriots didn't defeat the Seahawks yesterday, the Seahawks defeated the Seahawks yesterday.

Oh well, there's always next year.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

That time I went to Safeway to get football cookies and they didn't have any...

Me:  Do you have any football shaped cookies?
Safeway baker:  No, I'm sorry.
Me:  Any with blue and green?
Safeway baker:  No.  We did last year, but...
Me:  I suppose the Seahawks in the Super Bowl is old hat by now, huh?
Safeway Baker:  I guess.

And that was that.  I thought it would be cool to bring cookies to school so the kids could celebrate the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, but I guess I'm supposed to save my money.  Maybe I will try a different bakery on my way to work in the morning.  I mean, it's not every year one's team makes it to the big game.  Well, it was last year.  And a few years ago when the refs were asleep.  But we are in the northwest!  Surely a northwest team in the Super Bowl would warrant some cookies every single year that they make it?


And coach, if you are reading this, our guys need to quit losing yards due to offensive penalties.  You can't excuse them by saying they are rookies anymore, it's time for them to pay attention and step up.
Offside.  Encroachment.  False start.  Holding.  These can be avoided!  C'mon!

Lastly, someone ought to tell Beast Mode that he is acting like a 6th grader.  He signed the contract.  He knew he was going to have to talk to the media.  He needs to grow up.

That's all.  Play on!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

When you're prepared, you're never scared.

"When you're prepared, you're never scared. "

Who said it?  
A boy scout?  
A campfire girl?  

Russell Wilson, the awesome Seattle Seahawks quarterback said it in his most recent press conference after beating the Carolina Panthers. (watch the whole thing or go to the 6:25 mark for the quote.)

Seems to me that it applies to a whole lot more in life than just football.  When you practice and are prepared to drive, you can plan your route, avoid the potential problems, and make it to your destination intact and without fear.  When you do your homework and know the material, the tests shouldn't scare you.  When you get ready for a performance, being on stage should be exciting instead of petrifying.

When you're prepared, you're never scared.  

Could also apply to death.  When you're prepared (you have a right relationship with God in life), you're never scared (because Heaven is a whole lot better than here).

Are you prepared?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are having a wonderful day with loved ones!

I sent out a Christmas letter this year, but it wasn't very detailed because I felt like I would just be repeating everything that I had already posted here- but without the pictures!  And frankly, my postings here have been a bit lacking as of late.  It has been an extremely trying school year- one to which I am still struggling to adjust.  Add to that the chaos of being a "theater mom", and I just haven't had the time or energy to sit at the computer and actually think.  (Haven't even stayed caught up with my digital scrapbooking and missed two major sales from the printers...  oh well, those will come again.)  In addition, three friends who were dear to me and my family have passed away over the last four months.  It's been sad layered upon sad, and although they are glad to be in heaven, I miss them.  I'm sure you understand.

So to get you caught up, here are a few seasonal photos for you- from "White Christmas" to school orchestra to church to Christmas Eve to Christmas Day...


We don't go overboard on gifts- I try to stick to the old, "Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read."  She was really happy with her Copic markers.  I guess every good illustrator needs the best!

We're heading out to a movie soon- it's a tradition.  Then, hopefully Chinese food with the cousins!

May your days be merry and bright!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dear Tim

Dear Tim,

You left us so much earlier than we expected.  When you said the doctor gave you a year, maybe months...  it was only a few short weeks ago.  Part of me wishes we could have said goodbye.  But God knows best and it's only a temporary separation anyway- we will see each other in eternity!

Your good friends found you kneeling at your bed.  You had been praying- for what, we don't know.  You could have been asking God to take away the tumors, or take away the pain, or to strengthen your friends and family.  I can't imagine what it would be like to be talking to God and then... BAM!  TALKING TO GOD FACE TO FACE!!!  What a reunion you had with your Heavenly Father and your earthly father who went before you. You've sort of set the standard for dying among your friends, and I really doubt anyone will be able to top that.

You also set the standard for living, and for that I thank you.  Thank you for your consistent kindness, generosity, steadfastness, and courage.  Thank you for leading our Life Group with humor, grace, and commitment to truth.  You showed us how to read and study the Bible and how to deal with life in a broken world.  You longed for heaven and taught us how to long for it as well.  Thank you for not giving up a dozen years ago when you were first diagnosed, and thank you for staying on chemo even when it made you feel awful.  Thank you for making Jesus the main thing during Bible study and not drifting into sidebar discussions about politics, sports, food, or any other faddish topics.  Thank you for reminding us to care about and pray for persecuted believers around the world. Thank you for letting our children use the back room while we adults wrestled with the concepts in the Word in the front room.  Thank you for sometimes covering the cost of our babysitter when some of us forgot. If it wouldn't have been for the ability to bring Abby, I doubt I would have stayed in the Life Group.

Thank you for also caring for children around the world and for getting so involved in the shoebox ministry of Operation Christmas Child.  I hope our Life Group can continue contributing- maybe even surpassing our usual number of boxes!

Your memorial service was well attended.  There were about 600 people there- and about a third of those were people who knew you from work- from Colorado and DC even!  Others were friends and family who flew in from North Dakota, California and Arkansas.  That's the kind of impact your life made.  There was a great big portrait of you up front.  Everyone joked about how you would have hated that, but other than that it was not so much about you, it was mostly about Jesus and how you allowed Jesus to be the center of your life.  So I don't think you would have hated the service.

Afterward, your wonderful sisters invited both Life Groups to your house for food and conversation.  It was a feast!  You were always talking about how God's people should celebrate, and we did.  For 2 hours about 60 of us celebrated your life and God's goodness and you would have had a ball.  It didn't feel strange to be in your house without you because so much of you was in those people.

Your atheist neighbors came to the feast as well.  They were so broken up at losing you.  You were a wonderful neighbor to them and even though they have not allowed a Bible in their home, rumor has it that they have accepted the gift of one of YOUR Bibles!  Your life opened the door to them, and your death has caused them to moved toward the threshold.  Some of us from Life Group are working at keeping that relationship alive and getting them into the Kingdom one day!

I found this poem on your website last week.  You wrote it 6 years ago, but it feels like you are talking to us now from beyond.  I hope it is ok with you that I post it here.  Maybe others will appreciate it.

Departed for Glory

I’ve died;
No, not really.
I’m fully alive,
Though you’re not here near me.
I wish I could
Comfort you now
But death has parted us
You’re left;
No, not really.
I’ve taken a part
Of you right home with me.
That part of you,
You gave to me
Has left the earth
And crossed the sea.
There’s pain;
Yes, persistent pain
Pummels your heart.
It’s always the same.
Because you’ve given
Your heart as a friend,
My presence will mend it
My parting will rend.
No, not really.
While I am gone
Christ always is with thee.
And though you will grieve
And weep and mourn,
Christ grieves with you;
His heart is torn.
Have faith,
Yes, most truly
Trust in God,
And you shall come to me.
In glory, oh Jesus!
Amazing indeed!
He’s more wonderful than
What we ever believed.
A Christian poem by:  Tim Binder — December 31, 2008

We love you dearly, we miss you deeply, and we long for the day when we see Him (and you) face to face.

Me and Abby